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    Social Responsibility HOME > Social Responsibility

    Public economic services

    Undertake the service platform of public for SMEs, services for local economic development
    2.Service organizations under the platform:

    (Organizing various technical and management training for the enterprise in the county for free)


    Donation and relief

    Cangzhou Huibang Electrical and Mechanical (Group) Co., Ltd. in its own rapid development, keen on public welfare, and help poor students long-term, not only donated money and materials, also came to the school regularly, and communicate with student, give spiritual encouragement also provide counseling heart; built practical teaching base cooperate with Hebei University of Science and technology, Hebei University of technology and other universities, provide a practical platform for the college students, and sent staff with highly educated talents to company several years.

    The company adhere to "employee without poverty, to help people in trouble," the "home" concept, the difficulties employees have been helped, and for the immediate family illness, damage to houses, children admitted to the University and other places need to spend money, Huibang will lend a hand, so that employees real feel the warmth of home.

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